Discover Sensitive Data

Reduce the footprint of discovered sensitive data stored throuout your organization

Find Vulnerabilities

Eliminate discovered vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

Fortify Configuration

Strengthen your baseline configurations as part of your overall defense-in-depth strategy

Monitor Host Integrity

Receive alerts of unexpected system changes to further minimize risks and exposure

Manage Mitigations

Create mitigation plans that engage accountability and provide meaningful risk reduction metrics

CYRISMA brings efficiency to Cybersecurity

Being procactive not reactive gains a higher ROI.

A Cyber Risk Management Platform you can gain results in hours not weeks or months

  • Guided Setup
  • Easy Roadmap Approach
  • Priced for Everyone (not just the elite)
  • Goes Beyond the Identification of Sensitive Data
  • Provides Risk Mitigation Plans with Deadlines

CYRISMA is a unique ECO system

Bringing you features you need to today and in the future

“CYRISMA is Affordable and it de-tangles complexity. In the first 3 months of using CYRISMA we made huge strides in our security posture. Previously we had other solutions in place that just became shelf-ware.”

Erik Anderson

IT Manager / Information Secuity Manager, Coordinated Care Services, Inc

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