Cyber Security SaaS Solution

To manage Cyber Risk Without impacting your resources: Time, Money, and People.

Bringing Cyber Efficiency to Your Every Day


Deep scan of your data to uncover risks and unknown vulnerabilities..


Classify, rank, prioritize and score your data to track efforts and stay organized.


Assign accountability to data owners and remediate identified risks.


Understand and measure progress, meet resolution deadlines, and set achievable goals.

CYRISMA De-Tangles Cyber Security Complexity


Bad Actors Want Your Data

Can your current cyber solutions answer these?
Do you know:
  • Where your data is located?
  • The classification of such data?
  • Can there be multiple versions of the data?
  • Who has access to this data?
  • If access is open to anyone at any time?
  • Do the devices hosting the data have vulnerabilities?
  • Do the devices hosting the data are securely configured?
  • Do these devices have some level of host integrity?
Can you create a mitigation plan to:
  • Assign accountability to data owners (i.e. Department Managers)
  • Reduce the sensitive Data footprint
  • Patch identified vulnerabilities on devices
  • Securely configure devices
  • Respond to host Integrity alerts
  • Continuous awareness education
Identify and Manage Cyber Risk,
Protect your Critical Data.